Monday, 10 January 2011

Weeping Women Warn Weenies

This is an interesting share that a male friend of mine posted on facebook earlier today.. Its a tad bit funny, but I think it is safe to say that most of us, in general, know that a womans tears have some kind of natural repellent in them for men.. Since the dawn of time, men have never run so fast as they do when a woman is in tears..

Enjoy the read :)

Women's tears a turn-off for blokes | Adelaide Now

Israeli scientists have discovered that women's tears could contain a chemical signal that reduces testosterone levels and sexual arousal in men.

Male volunteers who took part in the study, conducted in the Middle East, sniffed either tears collected from women who watched a sad movie, or drops of saline trickled down the faces of the same women.

The men - who had an average age of 28 - that sniffed the real tears were more likely to consider women in photographs less sexually attractive and showed drops in their levels of physiological arousal and their salivary testosterone.

Associate Professor Dr Frances Quirk from James Cook University's schoolof medicine and dentistry specialises in health psychology.

Dr Quirk said the findings further highlighted reactions we might pin down to personality types, but are instead related to biological factors.

"For example, if a woman is in tears and a guy is behaving gently towards her, she may be inclined to attribute that to his personality," she said.

"You'll often hear 'he's a nice guy, he comforted me', but it's actually his biology pushing him to behave this way.

"We tend to layer on lots of additional attributes that are personality-based, rather than attributing it to evolutionary behaviour."

Dr Quirk said scientists had also established tears had a calming effect on men, creating a protective response.


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