Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Don't worry, the sharks will take care of the looters!

I remember as a child we would often go on journeys' out to Ipswich.. Which is about 1hr Drive along the west highway.. One of the main things that I remembered was, that my dad would tell us about the sharks they caught up river.. The Bull Sharks go up stream to find the brackish water(a mix of fresh and salt), and from memory, my dad told me that they did this in order to remove some kind of parasite that lived in them.. It was the fresh water that helped to kill, or remove, the parasite.. Now don't quote me on that, I shall find out more info and if that is not correct, then I shall provide the correct information..

There have been many many reports of looting taking place in the western suburbs.. They are very poor suburbs, and they are very badly flooded.. Most who could make it to high ground, did.. A lot remained behind too though, which has given leeway for some residents to take it upon themselves, to help themselves..

Dirty bastards!

That's ok, the sharks should take care of 'em..



Reports of looters in flooded Ipswich - Yahoo!7
Reports of looters in flooded Ipswich

There are reports of looters and a bull shark in the flooded Ipswich suburb of Goodna, west of Brisbane.

Local Councillor Paul Tully says the main street of the Ipswich suburb is four to six metres under water.

He says residents have reported seeing two boats of people breaking into homes along Brisbane Terrace.

"The people who do that in the time of a disaster are despicable - they're the scum of the Earth," he said.

"They deserve nothing less than a jail sentence for preying on people who are caught in one of the worst crises of their life.

"I just find it absolutely appalling what these people are doing."

He has also warned Ipswich residents to stay out of floodwaters after a bull shark was spotted in the main street of Goodna.

He says sharks are common in the Goodna stretch of the Brisbane river and residents should take care.

"Stay out of the water - you've got the problem of the sanitation of the water, but also the possibility of bull sharks and being eaten," he said.

"I never would have thought I would ever have seen a bull shark in the main street of Goodna." [Source:]

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