Wednesday, 19 January 2011

An Aussie Sense Of Humour

For those who are not aware, Australia is in the middle of one of THE wetest storm seasons that we have had in quite some time.. I dont remember having such a bad storm season since I was a little girl.. About 30 years ago.. 

Us aussies are tough.. We live in a very harsh environment where we are suffering either drought, or floods.. Either those, or bush fires.. We get over it though, for us it is the way of life here in Australia.. 

One thing that has developed from our strength of character seems to be an extrememly wicked sense of humour.. We aussies are quite well known, world wide, for what we call here as "taking the piss" out of everything, and the floods are no different.. 

I will also point out that, even though we make jokes of things that are so very serious, we are also very serious people when need arises.. The call for help from the public has been so overwheleming that many people are turned away daily! 

We laugh together, we suffer together.. That is the australian way.. That is the australian spirit.. 

Enjoy, and please have a laugh! WE DO!!

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