Sunday, 7 November 2010

No Pants Train Ride | Are U Game??

  What a fantastic notion, everybody commuting to work in only their underwear!!  

  Would you be game? I dare say no, I wouldn't.. I'm afraid that I have a pretty hard time gettin' out on the beach in my bikini, let alone going on a train trip with hundreds, or thousands, of fellow commuters in my underwear!! 

  Such a wonderful idea for fun though! Apparently I am not the only one to think it is wonderful as well, this has been going on in New York, since Jan 2002, as a yearly event..

Improv Everywhere

  I came across this event through Facebook this morning, and upon looking into the who where what when and whys of it all, I discovered who is was who brought this kooky crazy idea to the general populous.. It was created by a crazy comedian by the name of Charlie Todd, he founded the group called Improv Everywhere.. The aim of the group is to create disturbances in public, sometimes for effect, well more so for effect, but more importantly they do it to put fun and joy into peoples’ lives.. The best cause there is in my book!

Agent Eppink prosthelytizing

No pants on and she worries about her Lip Gloss??

I wonder how "Super" he really is??

It looks like they're all sittin' on "the john"

Classic, the dude is dressed like a character in his book!!

All kinds of people took part :)
  To start off, please allow me to present the first "No Pants" Mission that took place back in 2002.. Then followed by the last No Pants Mission, that took place in Jan 2010..
 1st No Pants Mission

9th Annual No Pants Mission January 2010

  Even though that was the first "No Pants" Mission, this in no way means that it was the first of their crazy public stunts!  These chappies have been at this since August 2001.. 

 Their first performance seemed to be a spur of the moment thing.. It happened when friends met up and one made a comment about Charlie's shirt making him look like Ben Folds(a singer whom I don't know of BTW!).. So they decided to have a little sport with this fact and pretend that Charlie was Ben Folds, what happened after that you can check for yourself :)

My favourite Missions that these guys have done so far, would have to be The Mp3 Experiments.. They're a series of missions, or experiments, that the group originality did in a theatre.. What happened was this: People paid $8 to attend the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for a night of comedy.. They were asked to download an Mp3 track from the Internet before they attended, and they were also asked to NOT listen to the Mp3 until they were told to press the play button on the night..

From this first experiment came the start of a series of experiments that appears to have no end..  Each and every year the events are gaining more and more popularity, along with more participants.. Could you imagine 1000 people in Time Square all with headphones in their ears, all listening to the same thing, all were following the same instructions?  So if the voice in the MP3 tells you to drop down and play dead, then effectively you shall have 1000 people all moving in unsynchronised harmony dropping to the ground playing dead..  Fun Fun :)

My favourite of The Mp3 experiments would have to be The #3 experiment: The search for Steve.. Steve is Charlie Todd with voice over.. It was done back in June of 2006, and it was around 600 people who set out on a wild adventure to find Steve.. All they had was the Mp3 and a guide who was dressed in a crazy character suit! Completely INSANE!! But all in good fun..

The 3rd Mp3 Experiment: The Search 4 Steve

The CRAZY guides!!

Cloud. Snowflake. Rain Drop. & Sun.

The battle of the fiercest element begins!! 

Looool, drongos!!

The 4 groups converge to meet @ the lake

Smokin' Steve was found =)

  You can check out the YouTube clip of the Snowflake audition if you feel like a little cackle? I thought it was a bit funny; I certainly had a good laugh whilst watching it :)

  The 7th Mp3 Experiment took place in October 2010.. It was over 3000 strong and it took place in Department Stores!  Could you imagine the chaos and fun that that would create for the employees?  It would have been so hilarious to watch..

                           It's a pram pushing congo line!!
3000 Mummies await the fall of night 4 the after party

A Mummy in the making

  Please also have a gander at the rest of the missions that these crazy guys do! Highly entertaining and highly hilarious!
   Three recent missions include: Black Tie Beach, Who you gonna call?? & Star Wars Subway Car..     

Star Wars Subway car

Many thanks 4 reading, & I do hope you enjoy..
:- )

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