Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Miccoli | Divine Day

  Miccoli is a fairly recent band which has come into creation over the past few years or so.. I cannot state exactly when tho, coz I do not know for sure myself :O It is a 3 piece combo, comprising of 2 brothers and their sister, who all do the vocals and the song writing, as well as playing of the instruments.. The sound that they produce is fresh and lively, and what can only be described, i feel, as charming and uplifting..
  This is one of the latest songs that Miccoli have put up on YouTube, it is called "Divine Day", and it is an awesome listen :)
  For anybody who enjoyed this song as much as I, and they didn't note the email address, but they would like to hear the new Miccoli song called "tell me", here it is :) You should receive a copy of the song within 24hrs..



B i o g r a p h y
   Miccoli comprising of twin brothers Adriano and Alessandro and their sister Francesca. They are the whole package. With stunning good looks and a fashionable flare they are of Italian/English heritage. They are unique singer songwriters as all three band members take on the roles of writing, playing and performing lead vocals. Their music is an eclectic sound both melodic and alternate pop with tinges of jazz/blues.


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