Friday, 8 October 2010

Blogging | A new beginning..

  Hello there, my name is Nooster, and I am new to blogging.. In fact I am quite new to writing in general, and getting my thoughts and ideas out into the world!

   It’s a wonderful journey though, and I hope many will share it with me, as I write about anything and everything that comes to mind.. I do tend to have some challenging thoughts on occasions, and I have purposely bit my tongue all my life for fear of repercussions.. Now I am old enough though, I have learnt that there is nothing to fear, nobody has the right to suppress my thoughts in any way,  shape, or form..

  I am fully pro freedom of thoughts : )  We all have the right to think what we do, whether it’s right or wrong we all figure out soon enough.. I have found that to be the simple beauty of thinking in general, if we do think on things long enough, sometimes this requires on/off thinking, but eventually we figure out things for ourselves.. Imposing our own thoughts on others has never in history, done anybody any good..  I’m a freedom of thoughts campaigner!

  On a thank you note:  I would like to thank Mel (from me, my life and my world), who has been with me through my first month as a blogger =) Thank you bubbles, it hasn't been an easy month for me, your words have been most appreciated tho, I thank you very kindly! 


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